Sudjelovanje znanstvenika Instituta društvenih znanosti Ivo Pilar u COST akcijama

Pregled COST akcija (akcija umrežavanja stručnjaka u sklopu Europske suradnje u znanosti i tehnologiji − COST) obuhvaća sudjelovanje znanstvenika Instituta Pilar od njegova osnutka 1991. do akcija u provedbi tijekom 2019. godine

COST akcija
CA18140 – People in Motion Entangled Histories of Displacement across the Mediterranean (1492-1923) u provedbi
CA18137 European Middle Class Mass Housing u provedbi
CA18123 The European Family Support Network. A bottom-up, evidence-based and multidisciplinary approach u provedbi
CA18115 Transnational Collaboration on Bullying, Migration and Integration at School Level u provedbi
CA18204 – Dynamics of placemaking and digitization in Europe ́s  cities u provedbi
CA18119 – Who Cares in Europe? u provedbi
CA18211 – Perinatal Mental Health and Birth-Related Trauma: Maximising best practice and optimal outcomes u provedbi
CA18213 – Rural NEET Youth Network: Modelling the risks underlying rural NEETs social exclusion u provedbi
CA18215 – China in Europe Research Network u provedbi
CA17125 – Public Value Capture of Increasing Property Values u provedbi
CA17135 – Constitution-making and deliberative democracy u provedbi
CA17131 – The Soil Science & Archaeo-Geophysics Alliance: going beyond prospection završen
CA16211 – Reappraising Intellectual Debates on Civic Rights and Democracy in Europe završen
CA16207 – European Network for Problematic Usage of the Internet u provedbi
CA16121 – From Sharing to Caring: Examining Socio-Technical Aspects of the Collaborative Economy u provedbi
CA15218 – Measuring homelessness in Europe u provedbi
CA15137 – European Network for Research Evaluation in the Social Sciences and the Humanities (ENRESSH) u provedbi
CA15122 – Reducing Old-Age Social Exclusion: Collaborations in Research and Policy (ROSEnet) u provedbi
CA15101 – Comparative Analysis of Conspirancy Theories (COMPACT) u provedbi
TN1302 – BESTPRAC: The Voice of Research Administrators – Building a Network of Administrative Excellence završen
TD1406 – Innovation in Intelligent Management of Heritage Buildings (i2MHB) završen
TU1401 – Renewable energy and landscape quality (RELY) završen
TU1306 – Fostering knowledge about the relationship between Information and Communication Technologies and Public Spaces supported by strategies to improve their use and attractiveness (CYBERPARKS) završen
IS1410 – The digital literacy and multimodal practices of young children (DigiLitEY) završen
IS1409 – Gender and health impacts of policies extending working life in western countries završen
IS1405 – Building Intrapartum Research Through Health – an interdisciplinary whole system approach to understanding and contextualising physiological labour and birth (BIRTH) završen
IS1404 – Evolution of reading in the age of digitisation (E-READ) završen
IS1402 – Ageism – a multi-national, interdisciplinary perspective završen
IS1311 – Intergenerational Family Solidarity across Europe (INTERFASOL) završen
IS1310 – Reassembling the Republic of Letters, 1500-1800 A digital framework for multi-lateral collaboration on Europe`s intellectual history završen
IS1309 – Innovations in Climate Governance: Sources, Patterns and Effects (INOGOV) završen
IS1308 – Populist Political Communication in Europe: Comprehending the Challenge of Mediated Political Populism for Democratic Politics završen
IS1204 – TObeWELL: Tourism, Wellbeing and Ecosystem Services završen
IS1206 – Femicide across Europe završen
IS1207 – Local Public Sector Reforms: An International Comparison završen
IS1209 – Comparing European Prostitution Policies: Understanding Scales and Cultures of Governance (ProsPol) završen
IS1210 – Appearance Matters: Tackling the Physical and Psychosocial Consequences of Dissatisfaction with Appearance završen
IS1301 – New Communities of Interpretation: Contexts, Strategies and Processes of Religious Transformation in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe završen
IS1303 – Citizen’s Health through public-private Initiatives: Public health, Market and Ethical perspectives (CHIP ME) završen
TU1305 – Social networks and travel behaviour završen
IS1004 – WEBDATANET: web-based data-collection – methodological challenges, solutions and implementations završen
IS1007 – Investigating Cultural Sustainability završen
IS1106 – Offender Supervision in Europe završen
IS1205 – Social psychological dynamics of historical representations in the enlarged European Union završen
TU1201 – Urban Allotment Gardens in European Cities – Future, Challenges and Lessons Learned završen
TD1306 – New Frontiers of Peer Review (PEERE) završen
TN1301 – Sci-GENERATION – Next Generation of Young Scientist: Towards a Contemporary Spirit of R&I završen
IS0907 – Childbirth Cultures, Concerns, and Consequences: Creating a dynamic EU framework for optimal maternity care završen
IS0901 – Women Writers in History – Toward a New Understanding of European Literary Culture završen
A34 – Gender and Well-Being: Work, Family and Public Policies završen
A29 – HOPS: Human and Organisational Factors in Industrial Planning and Scheduling završen
A19 – Children`s economic and social welfare in Europe završen
A20 – Impact of Internet on Mass Media završen
A17 – Small and medium enterprises, economic development and regional convergence in Europe završen
A15 – Reforming Social Protection Systems in Europe završen
A18 – Comparing the dynamics of violence within European countries završen
A12 – Rural Inovation završen
A6 – Evaluation of Action Against Drug Abuse in Europe završen
A5 – Ageing and Technology završen